About Us

Strictly Soccer - Established Since 2001

Developing Soccer Players through Training, Education, Team Building, Discipline and Respect

Strictly Soccer training methods are quite different than most. Teams and players train in an Academy format with several different coaches running training sessions. This allows for the players to have more individuality, creativity and opportunity to further advance themselves. All players receive the same training no matter what their status is within their team.

We play the CDL League which allows for all of our coaches to be present for all games and allows us great opportunity to allow players to guest play with other teams.

Strictly Soccer has had many team successes within the Florida State Cup to the west coast at San Diego Surf Cup, but the true spirit of the training has been our part in helping players become stronger, more confident young adults. We have been very fortunate to have had over 90 players move on to play in College and 9 players to advance and play professionally.